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Hartlepool Sixth Form students Reach for the Stars! Find out what drives students to choose HSFC and what they’re hoping to achieve after completing their studies.

Josh Williams

Josh Williams

Josh has represented England u18s this season in the second row and has just signed a one-year contract with Newcastle Falcons; having made his meteoric rise from playing no higher than club rugby. His commitment to his training has been outstanding - only missing college sessions due to injury or international commitments, and has used free blocks at college to put in extra technical sessions.

Josh still has plenty to learn having only played rugby from aged fourteen and a half, but his attitude will definitely aid his development going forward. This year at college we have had our most successful season - the college got to the last 4 in both the AOC cup and National play-offs and won the rugby sevens competition at National finals. Josh has had a big impact on the team and made a huge contribution to its success.

Katie Lister

Katie Lister

Katie is a dedicated student, who has a real, personal, passion for Biology. As a keen debater of ideas and helper of other students, she has always been ready to ask questions to develop her understanding. Katie has an interest that takes her well beyond the curriculum and into independent research. Her desire to learn more about how Biology links with other sciences, medicine, and the real lives of people was well demonstrated by her excellent Extended Project work on Huntington’s disease, which looked at the biological basis of the disease, its physical and mental effect, and research into a cure. Katie’s wide ranging interest in Biology and Science has led her to study Natural Sciences at Durham University.

This college has been so fantastic supporting me throughout, particularly my teachers who have been amazing!

Liam Measor

Leam Measor

Liam came from St Hild’s school with a strong set of GCSE results and combined his Extended Diploma in Sport & Exercise Science with A Level Psychology. Liam was a well-motivated and committed student throughout his entire two years, excelling in a range of topics within his course. Liam also completed an additional unit at level 4, in which he conducted a sports based project analysing the performance of one of the elite scholars at the college and producing an extensive training plan.

In addition to his studies, Liam was an integral part of the college’s Football Academy and represented the North East region in the 2015 AOC National Championships. Liam achieved 17 unit distinctions and an overall grade of Distinction Distinction Distinction*, progressing on to study Sport and Exercise Science at Durham University.

The teachers have helped me along the way and pushed me to get the best results I can

Nayrice Wallace

Nayrice Wallace

Nayrice arrived at college after attending Easington Academy. Nayrice has always had a passion for sport and the Extended Diploma in Sport & Exercise Science was the perfect fit for her. During her time at college, Nayrice excelled in a number of topics including Sports Coaching, Sports Injuries and Sports Psychology eventually achieving Distinction Distinction Distinction*.

In addition to her studies, Nayrice was the chair of the college’s Sports Management team and helped organise a number of recreational events both in college and in the local community.

Nayrice also achieved her level 2 Gym Instructors Award, a level 3 Higher Sports Leaders Award alongside a number of coaching awards. This experience proved vital to her progression after college as Nayrice successfully attained an advanced apprenticeship with Hartlepool United Community Sports Foundation.

Matthew Calvert

Matthew Calvert

Matthew was a student who was always completely committed to his studies. He had a genuine interest in History and enjoyed using his knowledge of past events to help him understand current affairs. This was particularly useful for him, as he also studied Politics A level at the college.

A keen blogger, author of articles for various publications and key member of the College Debating Team; Matthew really made the most of his time at Hartlepool Sixth Form. He achieved a grade A in History and went on to study the subject at Durham University.

Orlagh Husband

Orlagh Husband

In her two years with us, Orlagh was one of the most hardworking students in college and really deserved to achieve high grades. In Politics, she achieved by far the highest mark in the cohort in her first year and continued this trend with her commitment and interest in the second year – although she was never completely convinced that she liked a single politician!

Orlagh was awarded a grade A in A Level Politics and has gone on to study English at Newcastle University.

Max Corbet

Max Corbet

Throughout his two years at college, Max displayed total commitment to Chemistry. Strong in all aspects of the subject, he showed a particular interest in the application of mathematics to chemical processes and there began his passion for chemical engineering. Max was very popular amongst his peers and was able to balance the demands of his academic workload with his love of football, representing the college team throughout his time with us.

Max is now at Newcastle University studying Chemical Engineering.

Tyler Allen

A keen biologist and chemist, Tyler has an abiding interest in biomedicine, especially in medicines and their effect on biochemistry and physiology. Keen to promote her love of Science and of Hartlepool Sixth Form, during her time here Tyler acted as a Student Ambassador, talking to parents and prospective students about the college and the courses we offer.

Tyler was determined to pursue a career in Pharmacy, but achieved disappointing AS grades in her Sciences. Her results spurred her on to work even harder to achieve her goals, and, with the help of her teachers, develop her exam techniques. Her dedication truly paid off, and she gained a great set of results.

Tyler is now at the next stage of her career progression, studying Pharmacy at Durham University.

Matthew Crowe

Matthew was an extremely hard working student who contributed a lot to HSFC college life. He studied Maths, Further Maths and Physics, alongside playing rugby for HSFC, Newcastle Falcons Academy and West Hartlepool RFC. He travelled to HSFC each day from Stockton and would often be found working hard in the library for hours before and after college.

Matthew achieved a bronze award in the Senior Maths Challenge and won the ‘Value Added’ prize at the college awards evening for making the most progress in his two years here. He exceeded his target grades and secured a place studying Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies at Leeds University.

I’m really happy with my results. I’ve had a really good two years at the college and would recommend coming to Hartlepool Sixth Form College.

Thomas Acey

Name: Thomas Acey Courses: A-Level Chemistry, Biology and English Previous school: High Tunstall College of Science

Thomas described his experience at Hartlepool Sixth Form College as enjoyable, memorable and rewarding. He progressed to university and is now a Pharmacist.

He said:

“I decided to study at Hartlepool Sixth Form College as I knew people who had been and liked it. The best thing was the teachers because they would go out of their way to help us to achieve our best. They treated us as responsible adults and encouraged us to be inquisitive and accountable for our own learning, which was especially beneficial.

There was a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and large parts of the college were newly built so the facilities were excellent.”

Jessica Hill

Name: Jessica Hill Course: A-Level Chemistry, Sociology and Biology Previous school: Dyke House Sports & Technology College

Jessica described her time at Hartlepool Sixth Form College as challenging, rewarding and enjoyable. She has a MChem from The University of York and a master’s and is now studying a PhD is Synthetic Chemistry at The University of Bristol, under the supervision of Professor Jonathan Clayden.

She said:

“I decided to study at Hartlepool Sixth Form College because of their reputation for teaching. I really enjoyed the chemistry course. The teaching was excellent and really inspired me to continue my studies in chemistry. The College had a really friendly atmospheres.

My Chemistry Teacher had a fantastic way of teaching. It really was him who inspired me to continue my studies in chemistry.”

Peter Wheatley

Name: Peter Wheatley Course: A-Level Biology, Chemistry, Maths, General Studies and AS-Level in Physics Previous school: Brierton Community School

Peter was part of the College’s Rugby Academy and said it enriched his experience. He described his time at Hartlepool Sixth Form College a challenging, interesting and fun. He progressed to university and is now a Continuous Improvement Co-ordinator at Morgan Advanced Materials Europe.

He said:

“I decided to study at Hartlepool Sixth Form College as it had an excellent reputation for sciences, for teaching and support for students and progression into higher education.

The best thing was the support given to students and the friendly atmosphere. There were excellent facilities for both practical and non-practical aspects of study and well-kept grounds, providing safe environment.

Being part of the first Rugby Academy team was one of the best aspects about my time in college. It helped me integrate with older students when I was in lower sixth and then support younger students when I was in upper sixth. It enriched my experience and gave me lots of enjoyment as well as keeping me very fit and healthy, and let to regional representation for the College.

I cannot recommend it highly enoiugh as a sixth form. I would not be where I am today without the education, opportunities and support I received from the College.”

Sarah Acey

Name: Sarah Acey Course: A-Level Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Further Maths Previous school: High Tunstall College of Science

Sarah described her time at Hartlepool Sixth Form College as supportive, engaging and enthusiastic. She progressed to a medicine degree at Newcastle University and is now a trainee GP doctor.

She said:

“I decided to study at Hartlepool Sixth Form College as it had had a good reputation for achieving good grades and was local. The best thing was the dedicated teachers who understood individual student goals.

They were very committed to giving their own time and enthusiastic with their teaching, often developing their own workbooks, and delivering interactive sessions/experiments. They taught the class as a group but ensured it was relevant for all levels. They helped me to achieve the A-Levels I needed for my university degree. It was good fun too! The chemistry and biology teachers particularly stand out as fantastic teachers, they really made their subjects great.

The College was redeveloped while I was there and had very good facilities with a nice atmosphere.”

Adam Dickson

Name: Adam Dickson Course: A-Level Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics Previous school: Manor Community Academy

Adam described his experience at Hartlepool Sixth Form College as challenging, exciting and enjoyable. He progressed to a chemical engineering master’s degree at university and is now employed on an engineering management graduate programme.

He said:

“I decided to study at Hartlepool Sixth Form College because of its good reputation, good results and it was close to home. The best thing about the college was the atmosphere, the high standard of facilities and the excellent teaching.

I had a very positive experience at the sixth form college, overall I’d give it a solid give star rating. My personal expereince was enoyable. The level of teaching was excellent; teachers could recognise your potential, understand your level of knowledge and ensured you were challenged and never complacent in your studies. This was a great help in achieving the results I needed for university.

Michael Rowell

Name: Michael Rowell Course: A-Level Film Studies, Media, Music Technology and BTEC Music Technology Previous school: Dyke House Sports & Technology College

Michael described his time at Hartlepool Sixth Form College as transformative, educational and fun. He progressed to Staffordshire University to study Media (Film) Production and is now Assistant Editor at a film trailer editing company working for Deluve. He’s recently worked on various TV and social spots for films such as Lego Movie 2, Mowgli, Tomb Raider, Rampage and more.

He said:

“I decided to study at Hartlepool Sixth Form College as I was excited at the prospect of studying music, film and media all together. I enjoyed working with the teachers and staff at HSFC as I found them approachable at all times, and friendly and enthusiastic.

The course opened up a lot of opportunities for me to explore some of my favourite films and work out what makes them so powerful and engaging. I always felt like I was surrounded by people, staff and fellow students, who shared the same enthusiasm as I did.

The campus felt incredibly refreshing and a place to feel at ease. There was great editing facillities with technicians and staff who were kindly willing to take time to teach you.

I frequently performed music outside of study, and through the college I got to perform with various talented musicians that otherwise I would not have had the chance to meet.

Before my time at HSFC, I had sometimes struggled with keeping focused, however the patience and the enthusiasm of the staff helped me develop and prepared me completely for a career in my dream job!”