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Maths challenge adds up to a great experience

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Maths Challenge

A team of four A-Level Maths students from Hartlepool Sixth Form College competed in the regional final of the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Senior Team Challenge at Teesside University.

The team, comprising two year 12 students and two year 13 students, competed against over 25 other regional schools and sixth form colleges in three rounds.

The first round saw the students try and solve as many questions as possible against the clock. In the second round, the team was divided into pairs and was asked to complete a crossnumber, similar to a crossword but with numbers. One pair was provided with the across clues while the other had the down clues. They were tasked with completing the crossnumber without communicating with the other pair. The final challenge, entitled ‘Shuttle’, placed the group into pairs again and the answer to each question was dependent on the previous answer.

Anthony Hanson, tutor of Maths at Hartlepool Sixth Form College, said: “We were very proud of our students. They finished a respectable 13th overall. They worked hard as team and coped extremely well under pressure.”