Hartlepool Sixth Form College

Outstanding Achievement

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Second Term Outstanding Student Awards

Each month we award two International students with a ‘Student of the Month’ award for outstanding effort, achievement or contribution. The below students have received the award this term. Well done everyone.

Guo Weiqi (Wicky)

Awarded Feb 2017 for Outstanding attitude and leadership skills.

Feng Haoxuan (Julian)

Awarded Feb 2017 for Excellent attitude and effort in Creative Art subjects.

Hu Meiyi (Alice)

Awarded March 2017 for Excellent organisational skills.

100% Attendance

We also celebrate all students who have managed to have 100% attendance each half term. The below pictures show the students who had 100% attendance during our second term with the International Team.

From left to right: Julie Collings, Bella, Summer, Wicky, Daeden, Clover

From left to right: Julie Collings, Arlena, Angela