Hartlepool Sixth Form College

Homestay Accommodation

Our host families treat our students as a member of their own family and provide a warm, welcoming and safe environment.

Life in Hartlepool

Living with a local family offers the best way to learn about English culture. They will include you in family activities and will be there to support you. In order to develop your English language, we request that students attempt to speak English in the home at all times.

Accommodation is supplied on a seven-day week basis at a charge of £125 per week. This includes your own furnished bedroom with a desk and wi-fi connection. The host family will provide you with bed, breakfast and evening meal during the week with a light lunch to be included at the weekend.
Payment should be arranged for a set day each week/month, agreed by host and student.

All of our homestays are within walking distance of the College or a short bus ride away. The College carries out inspections of all homestays to ensure they meet our safety standards and carry out regular visits to homestay families throughout the year. All hosts have a criminal records check.

Full details of the accommodation agreement can be provided upon request

The Rewards of Being A Host

Student, Li Xiaonan: ‘I think it is a good idea to stay with a host family because they take care of us. We are more settled in the English environment and I now feel ready for university. I will stay in touch with my host. My host is kind, friendly, nice and good at cooking. She always talks to us which helps with our English.’

Student, Zhou Liuchen: ‘My host has a comfortable, warm house, everything is nice, it feels like home.’

Host, Brenda: ‘My girls are friendly, respectful, gentle and caring. We learn a lot from each other, our interaction is fun and interesting. It’s nice to have the house filled with laughter, it keeps us young at heart.

Could You Be a Host Family?

International students studying at Hartlepool Sixth Form College need half-board accommodation from September whilst they are studying their A levels. All students speak English and are looking forward to experiencing family life in this country. They are keen to learn about English culture and customs in preparation for continuing their education at university here in the UK. All students are self-financing making full payment for their education and accommodation costs.

Can you offer one of our students a home for either the duration or part of their stay in this country?

  • International students pay £125 per week for accommodation
  • Students generally stay in England for 45 weeks per year
  • 24 hour support and advice is provided by College staff
  • We hold regular social get togethers with other hosts
  • Half-board accommodation during the week and full-board at weekends
  • All students require their own room
  • An opportunity for a unique cultural exchange
  • Lifelong friendships can be made

If you are interested please contact Anna Carruthers or Lesley Van Der Werff for an informal chat on 01429 294444, or contact us online.