Hartlepool Sixth Form College

College Support

Hartlepool Sixth Form College aims to support all of our students in everything they do.

Support at HSFC

Student Achievement Tutors

Our students are assigned a Student Achievement Tutor. The Student Achievement Tutor is often the first member of staff whom students approach for advice or guidance. It is the Student Achievement Tutor who co-ordinates overall progress considering each subject within their study programme. It is the Student Achievement Tutor who drafts references for students.

Subject Tutors

When a student enrols at the College on an advanced course, his/her school grades are used to calculate their potential A-level grades. These grades are used by departments to evaluate, whether each student is on target, below target or exceeding their targets. In addition, Student Achievement Tutors hold individual interviews to compare current working grades with target grades and to identify ways in which improvements can be made.

Learning Support

Similarly to schools, we provide support to those who have specific learning needs such as dyslexia or physical disability. However, learning support is extended further to students who experience difficulty with particular aspects of the curriculum. We sometimes support those who need help with managing coursework, revision or literacy and numeracy. We aim to ensure that we give students the opportunity to improve their skills so that they are not disadvantaged.

Careers Advice & Guidance

Correct impartial advice and guidance is crucial to the effective development of a student to ensure a positive outcome to their time spent in College. The College recognises this and provides advice and guidance pre-enrolment, enrolment, on course and beyond. In addition to the Student Achievement Tutor/Subject Tutor support of the student, the College has a specialist Careers Advisor who can provide individual advice and guidance at any time to both students and parents. Students can book appointments at any time in the Library but parents are also welcome to make direct contact.

Staged Support/Disciplinary System

We have a staged system of support and discipline, which aims to deal with problems before they get serious.

  • Stage 1 is dealt with by the Subject Tutor
  • Stage 2 is dealt with by the Student Achievement Tutor
  • Stage 3 by the Senior Achievement Tutor
  • Stage 4 by the Director – Student Guidance and Support

All of the stages involve discussion and agreement of clear specific targets with a set review date to check progress. Parents would not normally be actively involved until at least stage two and sometimes stage three, as we try to work primarily with the student, viewing College as the stepping stone between dependence and independence.

Independent Study

All Y12 students are expected to do International Extension Studies as part of their weekly timetable. This is self-study throughout the day when they are not in the classroom. We do expect at least 4 hours of private study and homework per week, per subject, from full-time students. Even when all the work set has been completed, there will be background reading, re-working of notes and revision.