Hartlepool Sixth Form College


AS/A-Level Dance

Course Content

A-level Dance is a dynamic qualification which encourages students to develop their creative and intellectual capacity, alongside transferable skills such as team working, communication and problem solving. All of these are sought after skills by higher education and employers and will help them stand out in the workplace whatever their choice of career.

The course is split between practical and theoretical learning. Throughout the course we will look at dance through time and the relevant practitioners and development. We will develop your skills as a dancer and a choreographer and you will be assessed as a solo performer and also in a group of either duet, trio or quartet. Lessons will be taught both in the classroom and in the studio and whenever possible a practical approach will be taken.

Course overview:

Component 1: Performance and choreography

What’s assessed?

-Choreography and performance of a solo -Performance in a duet/trio

How it’s assessed?

-Practical exam worth 80 marks which is 50% of AS Level (Marked by an external assessor during a visit to your centre).

Component 2: Critical engagement

What’s assessed?

-Knowledge, understanding and critical appreciation of two areas of study -The reflection and understanding of own choreographic and performance practice.

How it’s assessed?

-Written exam (2 hours) worth 80 marks which makes up the other 50% of AS level

Questions are split into 3 sections::

-Section A: short answer questions on own practice (15 marks). -Section B: short answer questions on the compulsory area of study (15 marks). -Section C: two essay questions on both areas of study – compulsory essay (25 marks) and an essay from a choice of four (25 marks).