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AS / A Level Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Options may be available in French, German or Spanish

People who have learned languages are articulate, flexible and adaptable. Employers value their communication skills very highly and, as a result, languages graduates in the UK have the lowest unemployment rate other than medicine and education. Languages are regarded amongst the most academic subjects, so universities as well as employers highly value them. Fluency in a second language can allow you to work or study in a foreign country, during your studies or later in life. In addition, A-Level offers you the chance to find out more about a different culture and society and develops your capacity to see the world through other people’s eyes and understand their point of view. Therefore, in today’s global economy, there has never been a better time to study a second language. You will have the options of French, German or Spanish.

Course Content

The purpose of studying Languages at A-Level is to develop your skills beyond GCSE so that you can use and understand a much wider range of language, as well as improving your ability to write and speak with greater accuracy and confidence. At advanced level, you learn to expand your language so that you can talk about things that are happening in the world and learn more about life in countries where another language is spoken. Studying a MFL also develops your understanding of how languages, including English, work and improves your attention to detail.


Students can progress to study their chosen language with another subject at university. Careers available using languages include teaching, interpreting and translating, using languages in a sales environment, in international business development or working abroad or in a multinational company.

AS / A Level Chinese

Course Content

Designed to make language learning enjoyable and stimulating, our Chinese specification rewards advanced research and reading skills, and acknowledges the importance of Chinese language culture.

Developed in consultation with teachers the Chinese specification rewards advanced level Chineselanguage skills and knowledge through studentfocused assessment. With appealing content and opportunities to gain greater understanding of other cultures, it can prepare students to become wellinformed and effective communicators.


This qualification supports progression into further and higher education, training or employment. It provides a suitable foundation for specialist linguists wishing to study Chinese at a higher level, those wishing to combine language study with other disciplines at higher level and those considering other qualifications without a language focus.