Hartlepool Sixth Form College


AS / A Level History

Course Content

History is about the study of people and their actions in the past but this study will also equip you with skills that will be useful in your future career. It is the subject for you if you enjoy considering evidence and developing your own opinions, if you enjoy debating and constructing arguments. These are the skills that make history a subject so highly regarded by universities and employers.

Initially there is a choice between two routes: you can study Religion and the State in Sixteenth Century Europe or Britain and the USA in the Twentieth Century. This choice will allow you to specialise in the area of History that really interests you; whether it be Tudor England or the struggle for Civil Rights in the USA.

Later in your course you may study the rise and fall of the British Empire in countries such as Australia, Canada and India. You will also have the opportunity to complete an independently researched historical enquiry on a topic of particular interest to you.


Many of our students choose to go on and study for a degree in history at university. It is a highly regarded degree with which can lead on to a wide range of careers. History also works well as a joint honours, especially with politics, English or archaeology. A-Level History is a key subject for those choosing to study law at university because of the range of skills the course provides. Many of our students obtain places at prestigious universities such as Oxford, Durham and York. History provides the skills necessary for a range of professions. The subject knowledge acquired allows students to work in the heritage sector or in education. Alternatively, the valuable skills that are developed mean history students often go on to work in the legal profession, in the civil service or in the media.