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Product Design

Product Design

Course Content

You will be encouraged to identify design opportunities and recognise the need for new and improved products.

The nature of Product Design makes it a subject that can be studied successfully alongside Art and Design and yet will fit equally as well with Science and Maths courses. Design and Technology brings theory and practice together.


In the first year of this course you are required to design, make and evaluate 3 design projects (approx. 50 hours) and also study a range of Product Design issues.

In the following year a larger Design Project, (approx. 50 hours), of personal choice, is tackled. This allows you the flexibility to identify projects in an area of Design and Technology that is of interest to you. It may also support future progression plans such as Industrial Product Design, Graphic Design, Transport Design, Computer Aided Design, Architecture and Engineering etc.

The Design and Technology department offers a range of well-equipped rooms with excellent facilities for Graphics and Computer Aided Design. A range of interactive computer programmes compliments our library resources and allows students flexibility in their studies. The project room is resourced with traditional and CNC equipment to allow accurate and efficient modelling during the prototype stages of designing.


Many students decide to continue their studies within Higher Education at degree level. The majority of Product Design Students end up on creative courses such as; Product Design, Industrial Design, Automotive/transport Design, Architecture/civil Engineering, Interior Design, Fashion, Computer games and Computer Aided Design – to name but a few.