Hartlepool Sixth Form College


AS / A2 Photography

You will look at a diverse range of photographers and designers to inform your own unique Photography based outcomes.

The first year focuses on building your knowledge and understanding of various Photographers and Designers, both traditional and contemporary. You will be led through workshops and assignments on a number of traditional Photography techniques, including dark room printing as well as more experimental techniques before building towards your own unique outcomes.

The second year helps you to develop and refine these skills, building an exciting portfolio of work based around a self-selected project.


Assessment is continuous throughout the 2 years, cumulating in an end of second year exam, although this assessment is coursework based with no written practical exam.

Entry Requirements

Minimum expected requirements: 3 GCSEs grade C, 2 GCSEs grade B, inlcuding English and Maths. Some A Level subjects may require a grade B in either English, Maths or Science.


Most students progress onto a Lens Based degree with a view to a career in the Creative Industry. Some wish to study more traditional fine art Photography courses at University whilst others chose to study commercial Photography for use within printed media and website design.

A qualification in Photography can lead to numerous employment avenues and opportunities. Past students have progressed onto working in a number of different fields such including Freelance Photography and Commercial Photography.