Hartlepool Sixth Form College

Modern Foreign Languages

AS / A2 French

Did you enjoy French at GCSE? Would you like to become more fluent and explore the structure of the language? A level French students develop their skills while studying topics such as Tourism, Youth Culture, Sport and Leisure; Diversity and difference and France 1940-1950: The Occupation and post-war years. The topics include environmental, political and social issues, as well as two set films and a further film or book which you can choose for yourself.


For both levels there is an oral exam in March or April, followed by one written paper (which includes some listening) in May. You will need to have taken a full course in French at GCSE to enrol on the AS course.


A language is an invaluable skill to have alongside any other subject specialism and will enhance your employment prospects. The study of foreign languages, literatures and cultures are also an enthralling academic discipline in their own right. Past students have gone on to study languages alongside business, international relations and law, and to work in fields as diverse as banking, teaching, travel and legal services.

Student Profiles

After gaining A Levels here in French and German, Joe studied German and Russian at Sheffield University; in his first job, he is now teaching English at Moscow University! While at Hartlepool Sixth Form College, Joe went to France on our first ever exchange to a sixth form college just north of Paris. This visit has since become an annual event!

AS / A2 Chinese

Designed to make language learning enjoyable and stimulating, our Edexcel A level Chinese specification rewards advanced research and reading skills, and acknowledges the importance of Chinese language culture. Developed in consultation with teachers, the Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced GCE in Chinese specification rewards advanced level Chinese-language skills and knowledge through student-focused assessment. With appealing content and opportunities to gain greater understanding of other cultures, it can prepare students to become well-informed and effective communicators.


AS: Unit 1 code 6CN01: Spoken Expression and Response in Chinese (Speaking 5-6 minutes plus 15 minutes preparation) Unit 2 code 6CN02: Understanding and Written Response in Chinese (Listening Reading and Writing 2 hrs 30 minutes) A2: Unit 3 code 6CN03 Understanding, Written Response and Research in Chinese (Reading; Translation; Essay Writing and Research Based Essay2 hrs and 45 minutes)


This qualification supports progression into further and higher education, training or employment. It provides a suitable foundation for specialist linguists wishing to study Chinese at a higher level, those wishing to combine language study with other disciplines at higher level and those considering other qualifications without a language focus.