Hartlepool Sixth Form College

Media Studies

AS / A2 Media Studies

Course Content

The media industry is one of the largest and most varied industries in the world with a huge diversity of employment opportunities. Many of our students have gone on to follow careers in journalism, TV, film and radio (or sound) production are popular routes into higher education as is the technology behind games design and animation. A GCSE in Media Studies is not compulsory.



Key Media Concepts – examined unit (50% of AS grade, 25% of A2 grade) For Section A you will be required to analyse an unseen video sequence in the genre of TV drama. You will learn about the following technical areas of: camera angle, shot movement and position; mise-en-scène; editing; sound. Section B will include the study of production, distribution, marketing and consumption within the video game industry. Foundation Portfolio in Media (50% of AS grade, 25% of A2 grade) Your main production task will be to design and produce a new music magazine where you will be required to develop skills in Photoshop, InDesign and use of DSLR cameras.


Advanced Portfolio in Media (25% of A2 grade) You will create a main product and two smaller products for example, a music promo video together with a CD cover and a magazine advertisement for its release. You will produce a blog to present your research for this unit, including planning and evaluation.

Critical Perspectives in Media examined unit (25% of A2 grade)

For section A you will write an evaluation of your media production. Section B is all about contemporary media issues and debates. You will conduct research into a variety of historical and contemporary case studies examining the topic of ‘Collective Identity


With an A level in Media Studies you can progress to undergraduate courses in film, media, visual culture and humanities using the analytical, research and production skills that you will develop on the course. Many students pursue careers in media production, journalism, advertising, marketing, the games industry and sound technology.